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Welcome to Buy IT!, the online resource that helps employers and their purchasing staff build accessibility and usability into their information and communication technology (ICT) procurement processes. Brought to you by the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT), Buy IT! helps ensure that the ICT you buy and implement works for everyone—including employees, job seekers, and customers with disabilities.

Step 1: Setting Procurement Priorities Step 2: Preparing to Buy Step 3: Issuing Your Solicitation Step 4: Evaluating Proposals & VPATs Step 5: Negotiating Contracts Step 6: Testing & Validation Step 7: Managing Performance & Relationships Step 8: Reviewing & Learning

Why is ICT procurement such a crucial part of achieving accessibility and usability for all? Because implementing accessible workplace technology means buying accessible technology in the first place. It means doing vendor research, specifying your requirements, and validating the accessibility of your product choices prior to accepting and implementing them. Most importantly, it means approaching ICT procurement with an eye toward accessibility and usability from the very beginning.

Buy IT! features background information, sample language, and effective procurement practices that will guide your business toward more accessible ICT purchases. And through the process, you’ll find that the procurement practices for achieving better accessibility are best practices for strengthening your procurement operation in general.

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