Transcript: Dana Marlowe Discusses the Top Emerging Workplace Trends Impacting People with Disabilities

PEAT asked Dana Marlowe of Accessibility Partners LLC: What emerging workplace trends or technology do you think will have the biggest impact on people with disabilities in the next five years? What do you see as possible accessibility concerns or solutions related to these coming trends?

At Accessibility Partners, we are proponents of mindful technology that help users with mental health disabilities. And while those have existed a long time, certainly there are different emerging workplace trends that we’ve seen coming to fruition and starting to bubble up in a lot of different industries and services. And one of those is, when you have a staff of people with disabilities, not to just think of it as one person with one specific disability, because it’s certainly your employee who’s blind might also have anxiety, or your employee who’s deaf might also have PTSD, and trying to recognize multiple disabilities and also if there is any overlap with mental health awareness right now, I think is really pivotal. And so as more and more people get online and are on their phones constantly, just mindful technology in the workplace, disabilities or not, is probably something to really kind of keep tabs on to see where it’s going and do what you can to best serve your team, your employees. Whether you’re co-located or everyone works remotely, having that time to decompress or step away from the technology and also being aware of any other mindfulness techniques or apps that are out there if you decide to implement them.