Online Job Applications – Take the Survey Now!

Have you ever applied for a job online? Tell us about your experiences! PEAT is conducting a national survey about the accessibility of online job applications. This initiative will help us to better understand and document accessibility needs related to online job seeking and inform PEAT’s future efforts in this area.

Photo of a laptop keyboard with a customized button labeled Apply Now.Additional details on the survey are below, and you can take the survey by visiting

Please take this survey if you are:

  • A person with a disability; and
  • You have experience with online job seeking, filling out online job applications, or responding to online pre-employment assessments.

The survey:

  • Is anonymous;
  • Does not require you to say what your disability is, though that information is really helpful and we do give you the opportunity to provide it;
  • Has 15 to 18 questions, depending on your experience and your answers; and
  • Is conducted online. We have tested for accessibility, but if you have difficulties or would prefer a text version please contact us at
  • Will close on July 1, 2015.

Results will be shared through in Summer 2015. PEAT will use the results to help employers and technology providers understand the accessibility issues people with disabilities face when applying online for jobs, and to help shape PEAT’s strategies for improving and promoting accessible technology in the employment process.

Please choose a conversation question to respond to.