PEAT Talks: Emerging Workplace Technologies and Vision Loss

Aira Director of Public Policy & Strategic Alliances Paul Schroeder discusses how emerging technologies are shaping the landscape of employment for people with vision loss, and other disabilities. This session examines the development and implications of new technologies that provide:

  • access to remote, real-time, human, and AI assistance in the workplace
  • smartphone apps such as Seeing AI and BeMyEyes
  • vision enhancement through electronic optical eyewear
  • support for indoor wayfinding assistance
  • acceptance and privacy

Original recording date: February 15, 2018


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PEAT Talks is a virtual speaker series to showcase organizations and individuals whose work is advancing accessible technology in the workplace. To see upcoming events in this series, please visit our calendar.


Paul Schroeder headshot

Paul Schroeder is Director of Public Policy & Strategic Alliances for Aira. He leads Aira’s public policy engagement and issue development in the public sector including state/federal programs, supports Aira’s business development, and manages the relationship with key organizations representing the interests of people with disabilities. Prior to Aira, Paul spent over 20 years in various roles at the American Foundation for the Blind.