PEAT Talks: Making Tech Fields Accessible

EvoXLabs founder Ather Sharif discusses his experiences in making tech-focused workplaces more inclusive, from building technology solutions to how and why EvoXLabs developed a partnership with AccessComputing at UW that connects students with disabilities with mentors and internships in tech. Original recording date: August 17, 2017.



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PEAT Talks is a monthly virtual speaker series to showcase organizations and individuals whose work is advancing accessible technology in the workplace. Held the third Thursday of every month at 2pm ET, these events are designed to be energetic and interactive discussions highlighting a spectrum of exciting work. To see upcoming events in this series, please visit our calendar.


Ather Shariff

Ather Sharif is the Founder and Researcher at EvoXLabs and SCI Video Blog, Philly's 2015 Geek of the Year, a Google Scholar, and a recent graduate with a Masters in Computer Science from Saint Joseph's University. He is a software engineer, freelance web developer and consultant, and is passionate about researching Web Accessibility and developing jQuery tools to make web a more accessible place. Currently, Ather serves as a Software Engineer at Comcast's Core Application Platforms Team.