PEAT Talks: Making Taleo Accessible

Taleo is the leading talent management system used by HR professionals worldwide. In this webinar, Senior Director of Oracle's Accessibility Program Peter Wallack, Product Management Director of Taleo Development Ali Moosvi, and Accessibility Test Engineer Priyanka Jampana​ will discuss the challenges and successes that their team has experienced, as well as the accessibility features currently in production. Recording Date April 20, 2017.


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Peter Wallack headshot

Peter Wallack directs the accessibility program at Oracle. His team defines the accessibility guidelines for all Oracle products to follow, and he works with UX Designers, Developers, Documentation Writers, Sales, Consultants, Education, and Support groups to incorporate those standards into their processes. Peter has been with Oracle since 1989​. 

Dan Sullivan headshot

Ali Moosvi is the Director of Product Management for the Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud.  He leads planning and investments across the Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud suite of products.

Priyanka Jampana is an Accessibility Test Engineer at Oracle's Accessibility Program Office. She helps Product teams across oracle with Accessibility testing/ Guidance and Training on both web and mobile platforms.