PEAT Talks: The Growth of a Global Accessibility Profession

In this webinar Rob Sinclair, President of the IAAP Global Leadership Team, discusses the mission of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals and its approach to encourage the growth of a worldwide accessibility profession. This includes its active member community answering implementation and strategy questions, education and certification programs to help us all keep our skills up-to-date, and creating tools and templates to help organizations build and run their own internal accessibility programs. The recently announced merger with G3ict will help take these programs to the next level by increasing global reach and much more.

Original recording date: August 18, 2016

Archived Webinar



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PEAT Talks is a monthly virtual speaker series to showcase organizations and individuals whose work is advancing accessible technology in the workplace. Held the third Thursday of every month at 2pm ET, these events are designed to be energetic and interactive discussions highlighting a spectrum of exciting work. Featured speakers will deliver a 10 to 15 minute talk and then field questions from attendees. To see upcoming events in this series, please visit our calendar.


Rob Sinclair headshotRob Sinclair has worked in the accessibility field for 18 years. He has held a variety of roles within Microsoft in both engineering and corporate governance. He has also been active across industry working with assistive technology developers, government agencies working toward employment and education, and helping to start cross-industry collaborations to advance the pursuit of accessible content and solutions. He is currently the Chief Accessibility Architect for Microsoft’s Global UX Practice and the President of the IAAP Global Leadership Team. In the rare moment when he has spare time, Rob volunteers as a conservation wildlife and nature photographer to support campaigns of his favorite nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest.