Companies who are committed to hiring “the right talent, right now” and improving the candidate experience must also be committed to being inclusive and accessible to all candidates, including those with disabilities. Read on to learn how you can take part in National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) this October—and carry its spirit forward all year long.


Held each October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is a national campaign that raises awareness about disability employment issues. It celebrates the talents and contributions of America’s workers with disabilities and educates employers on ways to foster a flexible and inclusive workplace.

The Right Talent, Right Now (NDEAM Poster featuring images of people with disabilities at work)

Companies who are committed to hiring the right talent, right now and improving the candidate experience must also be committed to being inclusive and accessible to all candidates, including those with disabilities. In that spirit, PEAT is enthusiastically observing NDEAM and encouraging employers, technology providers, and users to do the same. Read on to learn how you can take part in NDEAM—and carry its spirit forward all year long.

“Today more than ever, there is a race for talent. Historically low unemployment and global competition are converging to create a high demand for workers. Smart businesses are navigating this by tapping into more talent pools, including people with disabilities, who offer not just needed skills, but also creative ways of thinking about how to solve problems and achieve business success.” – U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia

Accessible Technology Helps Businesses Connect to the Right Talent–Right Now

Make the Business Case

Screenshot of video of Dean Halsted, Microsoft speaking Accenture reports that companies who embrace best practices for employing and supporting more persons with disabilities in their workforce earn 28 percent higher revenue, double the net income and 30 percent higher economic profit margins than their peers. Check out PEAT’s resources on Making the Business Case to find essential research and tips for making the case to upper management about why accessible technology matters.

Communicate Your Commitment

Now is your chance to take part in NDEAM 2019 and use it as an opportunity to spotlight the importance of accessible workplace technology practices! To help you plan your outreach strategies, visit the official site to download the official poster in English and Spanish and get ideas for how both employers and employees can participate. And check out this article on Communicating Your Commitment to Accessibility to learn how taking part in NDEAM and other related events throughout the year can help you build a culture of accessibility and inclusion at your organization.

Explore the Accessible Workplace Technology Ecosystem  Ecosystem infographic icon

Have you seen PEAT’s infographic on the Accessible Workplace Technology Ecosystem? It explores the roles and responsibilities that different entities hold. Use it to help build relationships across these various stakeholder groups to further your organization’s goals.

Train Staff on Why and How to Implement Accessible Tech

Staff Training icon

NDEAM is the perfect time to host a training for your colleagues on the importance of accessibility with the relevant staff across your organization. The Staff Training tool compiles resources for getting started with training your staff in the accessibility skills relevant to their specific roles, from executives to web developers.