About Devin Boyle

Devin Boyle is a consultant for PEAT supporting efforts to ensure new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and X-Reality, are born accessible. She has more than 10 years of experience in policy analysis and development, stakeholder engagement, strategic communication, advocacy and partnership building.

7 Steps to Make Your Virtual Presentations Accessible

With the rapid rise of telework, the PEAT team recognizes it’s more important than ever to make sure virtual presentations are accessible. These efforts allow all participants, particularly people with disabilities, to effectively engage with presented content. Below, you’ll find seven essential steps and related resources to help you create accessible presentations. […]

Planning Accessible ERG Events

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an important part of a company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. But how do you ensure your ERG meetings and events are accessible to everyone? Check out this tipsheet of strategies from PEAT and the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN). […]

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MAVRIC Conference Spotlights XR’s Potential

X-Reality (XR) is an emerging technology that has frequently come across PEAT’s radar this year. XR, an umbrella term, comprises virtual, augmented, immersive, and mixed reality technologies that can critically shape how we perform activities in workplaces and other life settings. Thinking about the potential impact of XR, consider how it will afford greater opportunities for [...]

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