About Corinne Weible

Corinne Weible is the Co-Director for the Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology (PEAT). She holds over a fifteen years of experience in directing programmatic development, grants management, and communications strategies at nonprofit institutions nationwide. Prior to her work with PEAT, she served as Outreach Manager for the Finger Lakes Library System, where she led advocacy campaigns, professional development programs, and community outreach efforts to help diverse populations access library services.

Making Web Content Accessible

Today’s content management systems (CMS) have made the process of updating a website easier than ever. However, this also means that many different people may be involved in uploading and editing your site’s content. While the average employee doesn’t need to know the nuts and bolts of digital accessibility, anyone involved with the website needs to [...]

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Writing Accessible Emails

Email is a primary way of connecting with new and existing audiences, so you’ll want to ensure that the messages you send are accessible. Luckily, the process for making emails accessible for people with disabilities is similar to making any other document accessible. Text-only emails sent from a personal email client are simpler from an accessibility [...]

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The Virtual Workplace: PEAT Priorities and Next Steps

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped the concept of the “workplace.” Many people have rapidly shifted to working remotely, though essential jobs do remain in-person. This recent change brings both opportunities and challenges, and they are heightened for people with disabilities (PWD) who can only engage virtually if their technology is accessible. […]

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Tips for Being an Effective Teleworker

For some, conducting business from home may be a new adventure, while others are veterans of remote work. Regardless of experience, it can be helpful for us all to think through approaches to teleworking to ensure that we are both effective and content when working from our home offices. […]

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