About Lex Huth

Lex Huth is the Director of Communications for PEAT. She identifies as a person with multiple disabilities and leverages her lived experience to support the initiative's content needs.

W3C Releases Immersive Captioning Recommendations

If you watch content on your phone or computer, you have probably used closed captioning at some point. Closed captioning typically appears on screens in a standard format, thanks to the Federal Communications Commission’s rules for closed captioning on television. But have you ever wondered how captioning works in an immersive environment, such as virtual reality [...]

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Spotlight on Digital Equity

At PEAT, we are passionate about ensuring that workers across the country have access to the digital tools they need to succeed. Digital tools at work include everything from strong broadband connections to artificial intelligence (AI) that reduces bias in the hiring process. […]

Nathan Cunningham Receives Government Rising Star Award

The PEAT team is excited to share that Nathan Cunningham has received a Rising Star Award from the Government Innovation Awards. Nathan is a Senior Policy Advisor for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy and has overseen the PEAT initiative since 2016. […]

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America’s Recovery: Powered by Inclusion

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). If you are a worker with a disability or an employer of someone who has a disability, you likely already know the unique considerations and often under-recognized benefits that stem from employing people with disabilities. According to Accenture, companies who hire people with disabilities earn 28% higher revenue, [...]

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Long COVID-19 and Workplace Accessibility

Employees with long COVID may be protected under the laws and regulations that govern disability in the workplace. The resources listed below detail the classifications behind disability status and long COVID. They also contain guidance for employers and employees who may be new to the accommodations process. […]

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Digital Accessibility in the Workplace with EARN

Did you know companies that hire people with disabilities earn 28% higher revenue, have twice the net income, and have 30% higher economic profit margins than their peers? To ensure this underrepresented talent pool can succeed within your organization, you need to focus on accessibility. […]

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