woman with signing gesture sitting with laptopBelow are examples of how AI tools can support job seekers and employees with disabilities, recruiters, and staff responsible for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each example describes the value of applying Equitable AI Principles in the design and implementation of the AI Tool.

Considerations that Apply to All Examples

Before procuring and implementing AI tools, organizations should examine how they were designed, how they function, and how they support Equitable AI Principles. Some common considerations that apply to all examples include:

  • Were people with disabilities involved in the design and development of the AI tool?
  • Are the underlying datasets and machine learning algorithms inclusive and able to provide equitable outcomes for people with disabilities?
  • Is the AI tool’s user interface accessible? For example, are the systems designed for multiple modes of user interaction such as via typed text, voice, etc.?
  • Has the organization discussed inclusive design and accessibility with the vendor?
  • Has the organization set up a process to monitor how well the AI tool supports Equitable AI Principles after implementation?

Access resources to help organizations assess risk for AI tools and questions to ask vendors.

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