staff traiing

Staff training is an essential component of your Equitable AI professional development program. Like other elements of staff training on disability inclusion, putting these structures in place helps ensure all employees understand their organization’s vision, policies, initiative structure, and resources for implementing equitable AI. Developing a successful culture of inclusion requires that everyone an organization gain a basic understanding of these issues, and people in more technical roles will need specialized training.

Some example training modules could include:

Integrate into Organization-Wide Efforts

As you develop a curriculum, ensure that you integrate it into existing organization initiatives. For example, you’ll want to link this training to across any related organization-wide initiatives already in place such as Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA), Data Privacy, and Accessibility.

Leverage Existing Trainings

You can save time by leveraging existing trainings. Examples include:

Leverage External AI Ethics, DEIA, and Accessibility Consultants

If you lack expertise inside your organization, help is available through consultants. You can find guidance on engaging AI ethics experts in Play 7 of the Equitable AI Playbook. PEAT also provides recommendations on hiring accessibility consultants.

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