This resource library will help guide you through specific aspects of implementing and incorporating AI-enabled tools within your workplace. Each section contains an overview of the challenge or activity as well as links to guidance, tips, and templates to assist you as you move forward with your equitable AI initiative.

staff traiing Developing Staff Trainings for Equitable AI

Create effective trainings to ensure employees understand equitable AI best practices.

magnifying glass over a resumeStaffing for Equitable AI: Roles & Responsibilities

Organize leadership and stakeholders using a Hub-and-spoke approach.

hand holding scaleThe Challenge of Fairness Audits

Learn why fairness audits may not provide adequate protection against bias.

checklistInterview Checklist for HR Professionals Using AI-enabled Tools

Ensure everyone involved in the recruiting process uses AI-enabled tools with inclusion in mind.

robot with headsetImplementing AI-Enabled Assistant Tools to Make Workplaces More Inclusive

Discover AI-enabled tools that improve workplace accessibility for people with disabilities.

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