The Future of Work: Celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act

 Man stands wearing a VR headset and using a hand-held controller, next to another man.
Ian Petrarca and Tim Stutts at the 2019 XR Access Symposium, an initiative working to solve the unique accessibility challenges of X-reality. Photo credit: Chris Farber

In 2020, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will turn 30. This landmark legislation opened the door of opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in all aspects of society, including employment.

But what will the next 30 years look like for people with disabilities? Emerging technologies are rapidly changing the world of work. These tools hold potential to help make every workplace an inclusive workplace. Artificial Intelligence is powering new platforms to screen job applicants, streamline the application process, and provide on-the-job training. Companies are using X-reality to replicate real-world scenarios to facilitate more effective employee onboarding and training. Telework options are expanding significantly, and autonomous vehicles promise to change the landscape of commuting.

Throughout 2020, PEAT will be exploring the role that technology can play in breaking down barriers to employment and ensuring accessibility, equality, and opportunity for all. Please join us!

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