What is accessible technology and how can it benefit your company or organization? This section of the website is designed to answer those questions, and help you create an environment that is committed to developing, procuring, and implementing technology that is accessible to all employees. 

Photo of Lori Golden“Finding alignment with your organization's strategic imperatives will make accessible technology efforts a no brainer.”

- Lori B. Golden
Abilities Strategies Leader, Ernst & Young, LLP

When it comes to accessibility IQ, we know that employers are at very different places. Some need basic training, while others are simply fine-tuning a well-established technology accessibility program. Whatever the case, PEAT encourages you to explore our wide range of employer resources based on your particular needs.

If you’re looking for a guide, our simple tool, “Accessible Technology Action Steps,” will give you a step-by-step tour of how to achieve an accessible workplace. You can also browse through common questions from employers about accessibility, search by categories, find trends and best practices, and check out what’s new. 

There’s also TechCheck, our exclusive benchmarking tool which is designed to help you assess where you are now with regard to accessible technology and offer suggestions and resources on what to improve.

But remember, PEAT is more than a website—it’s a partnership, which means your participation and feedback are vital. Please visit our “Join the Conversation” page to learn more.


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